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The Vision

An online painting course on Jungian archetypes. Work in progress. The layered process. Includes guided meditation, poetry, creative writing and painting together. Email: alicejulietmason@gmail.com to register an interest in future workshops, in-person or via Zoom land.

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Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi epitomises the principle “Accept all. Reject none.” Simply put, it is the living soul of the world in all its multidimensional layers, bonded together by loving cosmic forces. Diversity is celebrated, multiplicity is honoured, and nothing is denied … Continue reading

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Painting our Archetypes, day five.

Using my techniques including layering, glazes, stippling, controlled drips, pattern, stencilling, dry brush- work, working with light and shade, creating veil effects and mandalas, we continued to explore Jungian archetypes through painting, gold leaf and collage..

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