Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.

Walt Whitman.
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Oceanic mermaid drum

An oceanic mermaid drum, depicting the four elements, just completed for lovely client and friend Gabriela Aluna who will be using it for sound healing and performance with her beautiful singing and drumming.

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Metaphysical Teapot

I find it comforting to listen to the wonderful mystic psychonaut Terrence Mckenna while painting and imagine him drinking tea with me and discussing the world and its madness. In one of his podcasts he says, you must live your life as if the apocalypse has already happened.

Tea with Terrence Mckenna
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Paintings in my studio

Studio video
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A cafe
First since March
Coffee too strong
Unused to barista strength,
These days
Wind howling
Summer seems gone
Friend arrives late
And masked

Avoiding the eye
Of the loudest man in the room
He corners me
I make my excuses
Escape to female conversation
Stilted and awkward
We disagree
On most things
I gently attune to the differences

I escape to Jo’s shop
We chat and spill forth
Our agreements on most things
True friends
I tell her about dancing on the pier
With Theresa
Wine bottle in hand
Glugging like winos
The sea beneath us
Last of the summer sun

I walk to Sarah’s
Wind howling
Scarf wrapped around my hair
like a hijab
She regales me with QAnon conspiracy
I disagree with her
Without saying a word
Wind is howling through the cracks
Of her seafront flat
Slate grey rough seas

I make my excuses and run
To the sanity
And stoicism
Of my companion
Relieved and grateful for his civility
We agree on most things
And talk about daily details

Roses and Gold painting in my etsy shop
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Paradise Garden

A painting of a paradise garden with white bird, woman and cat with Stargazer lilies. Measures 61 cm by 76 cm. 24 inches by 30 inches. Acrylic paint and gold leaf. In my etsy shop.

Paradise Garden
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Art and Rebellion

‘Art is the activity that exalts and denies simultaneously.’ ‘No artist tolerates reality,’ says Nietzche. That is true, but no artist can get along without reality. Artistic creation is a demand for unity, and a rejection of the world. But it rejects the world on account of what it lacks and in the name of what it sometimes is. Rebellion can be observed here in its pure state and in its original complexities. Thus art should give us a final perspective on the content of rebellion.’

Albert Camus, The Rebel.
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Gold Mouths Cry

Gold mouths cry with the green young
certainty of the bronze boy
remembering a thousand autumns
and how a hundred thousand leaves
came sliding down his shoulder blades
persuaded by his bronze heroic reason.
We ignore the coming doom of gold
and we are glad in this bright metal season.
Even the dead laugh among the goldenrod.

The bronze boy stands kneedeep in centuries,
and never grieves,
remembering a thousand autumns,
with sunlight of a thousand years upon his lips
and his eyes gone blind with leaves

Sylvia Plath

Painting by me. In my Etsy shop:

Gold Mouths Cry
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The Mystic

The Mystic is often misunderstood in our culture, depicted as a wandering or lighthearted daydreamer. Yet like Shiva, the true Mystic plays a critical role in society, remaining fearlessly dedicated to the path of transformation. In order to save the earth from darkness, Shiva swallows the poison of the world and holds it in his throat, slowly transmuting the liquid into nectar. This is the work of the Mystic. They do not fear darkness but rather sit in the presence of it, harness the potential and latent energy behind it, and embed it with light. They are patient and prudent changemakers, seeking growth above all else. Unanswerable questions are the mystic’s lifeblood. The Mystic revels in mystery, in the great riddle of life, dancing with the forces of light and dark upon its wings.

Kim Krans

The Mystic Archetype

Painting by me.

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English teaching via Zoom

As well as being an artist I am also an online English teacher, with over twenty years experience teaching English to international students. I live by the sea on the East Sussex coast of England.

I am TEFL, CELTA and B.A. Hons, qualified. I also specialise in lessons in British culture. I am also an artist and teach art online and in-person.

Some photos of me teaching:

I teach English online via Zoom.

I love teaching English to international students. I offer online classes via Zoom in English at all levels, from beginners, through intermediate to advanced. I have many years experience teaching in various international and independent schools. I can help with exam preparation, conversation, grammar, and more informal relaxed conversational English.

I adapt classes to your specific needs and would love to hear from you. My English lessons are 30 Euros per hour payable via Paypal, prior to the lesson.

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