Angel painting

Painting for peace.  Angel painting in my Etsy shop.

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Charleston Farm House

Occasionally I feel the pull, and take myself for a few hours to Charleston.  It’s one of my happy places.  Nestled in the gentle undulations of the south Downs it feels a world away from ordinary life.  A haven, once you have escaped the non-stop traffic of the A27.  It feels civilised, romantic and calm.  I walk the gardens, sometimes take a tour of the house, wander around the lake, imagining all the people who comprised the Bloomsbury group and the conversations they must have had in their own meanderings around the grounds.  I love to walk up into the Downs and enjoy watching the changing cloud formations as they inform and influence the light and contours of the hills.

Yesterday there was an event there, a short story book festival, a marquee selling books and the cafe had relocated to the marquee.  My son, 13, who was not at all impressed by my insistence that he love Charleston as much as I, informed me that ‘this is not the sort of place a thirteen year old kid likes.’ I said I understood, but told him to look at the way the ivy clung to the old brick wall, or the way the clouds and sunshine light up the Downs, or to look at the dahlias; their intense reds and oranges made all the more brilliant by the back drop of the grey louring sky.  He was even more unimpressed, and pulled his hoodie over his head,  but he cheered up when I bought him a hot chocolate,  a brownie and some butternut squash soup.

It occurred to me that we may not have intense light in England in the way that Spain does, but we have a way with light.  We learn to use light in the darkness.  Highlighting statues with gentle spotlights, or using light as interventions in nature with fairy lights or votive candles thoughtfully placed..

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Blue Madonna

An original painting by me. Blue Madonna. 25 cm by 25 cm. 10 inches by 14 inches. Acrylic paint on canvas. In my Etsy shop.

Copyright Alice Mason 2017

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The Orange Tree garden

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Quote of the day

In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.

Abraham Maslow – 1908-1970, Psychologist

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Little Bella

I fell in love with a beautiful dog called Bella, with Alpujarran markings.. On the last night she came crying to me, and rolled on her side, put her head in my lap and licked my arm, and whimpered. She knew I was leaving the next day, I’m convinced. She would walk with me every morning.

A few photos from the past few days.

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The Nacimiento del Rio San Juan

R and I went up to olive country. As soon as we arrived in the Cafe del Parque in Alcala la Real, I felt a deep peace.. I realise this might be the place I want to settle one day. I deeply love Las Alpujarras and the sublime beauty,  yet this time I felt more in tune with the honesty and integrity of the way of life in and around Alcala.

We went to the Nacimiento del Rio San Juan, (the source of the river.) Very peaceful and the water was deliciously cold. We listened to Vicente Amigo as we wound around the olive mountain roads.

Then on to dear friends’ glorious Cortijo Las Salinas in Sabariego where S made us sangria with an array of different alcohols, fruit and cinnamon sticks. We watched flamenco and ate paella. Then much later, back to Tijola which took hours. More winding and precipitous roads beyond midnight.


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Marta Goddess of the cortijo

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Walking, painting, baking a cake..

I am reminded by this landscape of my childhood in Australia and of my years in southern California.

Walking, painting and baking a cake for a birthday. Learning the pace of life that feels right.

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