Beaten Track

What a wonderful night! Such a therapy. Music is even more important to me than art. But it really does depend on the music and what lifts me or inspires me, puts me in a state of bliss or rapture can be so many genres, but when it comes to dancing or hitting that sweet spot to get me moving it’s got to be the complexity and nuance of jazz chords and latin grooves. My wonderful daughter Eleanor and her gorgeous Irish DJ friends Gavin O’Brien and Jeff Higgins have formed a collective called Beaten Track where they curate a night of young jazz dance bands, neo soul singers, and fantastic jazz, latin or Afrobeat tracks on vinyl to dance away our winter blues into the early hours. I love that idea of getting jazz out of the staid jazz clubs and onto the dance floor! Here is a snippet of last night. Young people and people of all ages enjoying themselves together. Such a joy!