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Artist, painter. All works on this blog are my copyright. Do not use any works for your own websites, commercial ventures or publicity. If you would like to ask permission to use any works for your own ventures, please email me: or contact via this blog. Again, ALL WORKS ARE MY COPYRIGHT. Ask permission, and I will ask for a donation. Artists need to earn a living. Always credit an artist when you have obtained permission. I am an artist, illustrator and mother and live by the sea in the south east of England. I paint every day and am inspired by nature, mysticism and consciousness.. I hold art retreats in southern Spain. These retreats are for lovers of nature, art, walking, mountains, creativity, dance, music, yoga and meditation. I work alongside other artists to bring about these retreats. All works on this blog are my copyright. Do not use for your own purposes. If you would like to buy rights to use an image, please contact me on or visit my Etsy shop. My Etsy shop:

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The Cave of the Moorish Moon

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What are ‘cases’? What are ‘ infections ‘? Are we being controlled through language? Loaded ambiguous words? Semantics? Are cases illnesses? Are they symptomatic? Asymptomatic? Mild? Severe? Hospitalisations? PCR tests are highly unreliable, showing constant false positives and showing positive … Continue reading

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Recent photos and reflections after my Archetypes workshop in Las Alpujarras, Spain.

Back in the UK, and breathe. Breathing into the wind in the trees and the air from the sea. Mind cooling. I have decided to only hold art retreats in the spring, autumn and winter in future. The next one … Continue reading

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When Summer Turns To Fall

Originally posted on Livia Ether Flow:
zrodlo obrazu/source: Za kilka dni koniec lata, a mam wrazenie ze ledwo sie zaczelo, a post z 23 wrzesnia pt SummerTime 2020 – 2012?re-minders jakbym pisala zaledwie przed trzema dniami a minal…

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A Place

You can fall in love with a place, and you can feel a sense of spiritual homecoming for a while. You can do brave things and hold art workshops in a place and gather all the people together and the … Continue reading

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Painting our Archetypes workshop in Orgiva, Spain.

One thing I have is a certain determination, and when I was approached by a lovely woman who lives in Almeria earlier in the year about my art retreats, and whether I would be holding one after the lockdown,  I … Continue reading

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Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi epitomises the principle “Accept all. Reject none.” Simply put, it is the living soul of the world in all its multidimensional layers, bonded together by loving cosmic forces. Diversity is celebrated, multiplicity is honoured, and nothing is denied … Continue reading

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Painting our Archetypes, day five.

Using my techniques including layering, glazes, stippling, controlled drips, pattern, stencilling, dry brush- work, working with light and shade, creating veil effects and mandalas, we continued to explore Jungian archetypes through painting, gold leaf and collage..

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Photos of today’s workshop on Painting our Archetypes in Orgiva, Spain.

Using Jungian archetypes as a theme, we continue to explore through meditation, prose, painting and collage. Some photos of today’s workshop.

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