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All works on this blog are my copyright. Do not use any works for your own websites, commercial ventures or publicity. If you would like to ask permission to use any works for your own ventures, please email me: or contact via this blog. Again, ALL WORKS ARE MY COPYRIGHT. Ask permission, and I will ask for a donation. Artists need to earn a living. Always credit an artist when you have obtained permission. I am an artist, illustrator and mother and live by the sea in the south east of England. I paint every day and am inspired by nature, mysticism and consciousness.. I hold art retreats in southern Spain. These retreats are for lovers of nature, art, walking, mountains, creativity, dance, music, yoga and meditation. I work alongside other artists to bring about these retreats. All works on this blog are my copyright. Do not use for your own purposes. If you would like to buy rights to use an image, please contact me on or visit my Etsy shop. My Etsy shop:

Online art classes

Online art courses with me. ❤The cost is reduced for the next few months.$50 USD via Paypal, prior to the course. There are a series of paintings throughout different courses, from start to finish of the painting. One painting per … Continue reading

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Thoughts on covid-19 and my home town

With all that is happening in the world because of Covid-19 and the ramifications, it is easy to become anxious. Every day I wake up with a feeling of slight unease, and a sort of ‘Day of the Triffids’ sensation, … Continue reading

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Online Art Classes

In these strange and challenging times, where many of us are withdrawing from normal life or self-isolating, a good way to remain grounded and calm is to paint. I have always done this throughout my life, and painting is the … Continue reading

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Two Planets 2

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.Seneca. 🧡 This year will be the year that I make the move. Summer can’t come soon enough.

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Two Planets

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Art Lessons via Skype

A demo of me painting. My Art lessons via Skype are tailored to your individual needs and we paint together, where I show you my techniques, how to mix colour, how to glaze, how to use gold leaf, and many … Continue reading

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Rufus Wainwright in Hastings and thoughts about weather and music.

The return from my three weeks in Los Angeles has been met with storm after storm, with wild winds, driving rain, drizzle, low pressure and the darkest clouds. The sun has so rarely appeared that it’s enough for me to … Continue reading

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Pink Gold Land

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Los Angeles revisited

Desultory thoughts, written most days on my phone app. LA revisited. The feeling of an old stomping ground, workplace and home, combined with the association of parenthood. Sitting outside a cafe on Wilshire Blvd, sun on my back. Feels like … Continue reading

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An Equal Stillness

An Equal Stillness. A painting in acrylic and gold, copper and silver leaf on canvas. A meditation on land and sea. For a forthcoming exhibition with fellow artist- painter Theresa Caruana. Dates and details to follow in the coming weeks. … Continue reading

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