Artist Alice Mason

ALL WORKS ON THIS BLOG ARE MY COPYRIGHT.  Do not use any images, without permission from me.  Please ask permission.  My email is or contact me via this blog.  Sometimes I use reverse image search to see if my work is being used on the net.  Occasionally I allow work to be used if I receive a donation.  I am open to offers.  Artists need to earn a living.  If you see anything that interests you, and would like to buy or commission something similar, please get in touch.

I am a fine artist/painter/illustrator and mother. For me, art is all about imagination, and my work is seldom purely representational. I love the idea of creating our own reality; in art as in life. It is my intention, in my work and my world, to create a feeling of a meditative contemplation. In this process I create a world. I am a dream-weaver. I seek to convey equanimity.   I see painting as a secular prayer.  Sometimes surreal in quality, my interests in the multiverse theory, entanglement, secular spirituality, quantum physics, metaphysics and dreams are reflected in my paintings. I am fascinated by the notion of parallel worlds and the mystery of consciousness, and how a single slight perceptual shift can alter everything. At the moment my love of mythical female archetypes are my passion. My other painterly passions are in more abstracted decorative ‘cosmic’ imagery, wherein I explore the world at a more quantum/molecular level and our place and form within the infinite. I am an avid reader of metaphysical literature.  I am also an illustrator and my work has appeared in numerous publications and some book covers.  I used to be a muralist and set painter in the film industry in Los Angeles.

I have many years experience exhibiting my work, and have lived, worked and exhibited in London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the French Riviera, Bath and East Sussex, UK.

All works on this blog are my copyright.  Do not use for your own purposes.  If you would like to buy rights for use of an image please contact me :

or vsit my etsy shop:

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13 Responses to Artist Alice Mason

  1. I don’t know where you are located or anything but I am interested in purchasing a painting! Don’t have one picked out yet but love your art. I’ve been looking for a good mermaid painting. I don’t even know if you’re selling them (I just assumed) but please contact me via email if you are! Thank you for your time!


    Orlando, FL

  2. kadek sasta says:

    love your painting..
    just wonder is that you..women figur at your painting?..


  3. wan says:

    I love your art so much thank you for your immagination that surprize me.

  4. Shara says:

    I absolutely LOVE your work. So inspiring.

  5. Pam says:

    Love your paintings. Do you sell prints please?

  6. Aziz says:

    Dear Alice,
    I would like to choose one of your paintings for a book cover. I would appreciate if we could discuss this in detail. Could you please contact me via my email?
    Thank you

  7. khadar says:

    biwty ful pntings like this

  8. Tienes mucha fantasía y los colores son bellos

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