Photos and thoughts of early May in Spain.

57360354_10156420497892252_5269614242977284096_oA Guelder Rose, a variety of Viburnum.20190502_164321










20190506_144303Painting  is entitled Morning Sun.

Tara and I discovered cove beaches and sat in beach bars and lay in the sun, which is not at all ‘me’ but I did it to accompany my friend as there is nothing she loves more.  After the third beach day, of sunbathing and swimming, and after which we had inadvertently  ‘kidnapped’ a handsome German and drove him into the night mountains, where every bar was shut as it was a Sunday,  (we dropped him off and gave a sort of apology about the timing of things,)  I had had enough, and needed the mountains more than ever.  To drive as high towards the skies as possible and immerse myself in the mystery and ancient vibration of an isolated village.

I craved my relative isolation and contemplation.  I contacted my friend J as he has a special connection to the village of Castaras, which I wanted to revisit, and off we flew.  Castaras is one of the sacred type villages, where I feel the vibration change, and it becomes otherworldly.  There were extraordinary viburnum plants with huge white snowball flowers, which I have learned is called a Guelder rose.  The shape and form and backdrop of the huge primal scupltural rocks which frame and form the place, and J pointed out the Curandero’s house, with a row of ‘waiting room’ seats outdoors; their red having faded to pink in the sun.  At one point I discovered I had lost my car keys, having placed them somewhere to take a photo.  I retraced my steps back to the curandero’s, and noted on the door mat was a graphic of all different types of keys.  The universe mirroring back my thoughts.  I found them on the wall of a house, where we had stopped to talk to an old lady.

After our adventures, as we drove around the mountains via Trevelez, where J regaled me with stories of his former love life, (many stories I had heard before, which change slightly each time, but with J, they don’t get old; his lilting Teeside accent and fascination for detail intrigue me.)  I drove back to pick up T from the beach, who had finally had enough of beaches,  and she declared she wanted to discover more of the Alpujarra with me.  One thing I had not banked on was her absolute fear of heights, (and i am a very careful driver.)  Getting to Ferreirola again was for me, fine, but for her the worst thing ever, due to the heights and precipitous drops, and by the time we got there I was exhausted having been so concerned about her.  Next time, I just want to come back on my own.  I only have certain amounts of time I can be here, so to compromise on what I feel I need to see is not really an option any more, although we have had a lovely time.

I joined an artists’ collective here, with whom I was exhibiting at the old town hall in Orgiva. I met some lovely people.

We returned from our high-driving and looking last night, quite late and there was a man and his son and friend playing Leonard Cohen all night in the apartment next door, until they went to bed,  The first song we returned home to was ‘Take this Longing’, which is ‘my’ song.  He is still playing LC today.   I have always associated Leonard with these kinds of places, as my first introduction to his music was years ago in Greece where my friend Ghysllaine had been the subject of his desire a few years before on Hydra.

This morning I played Bill Evans while painting and looking at the Med.  These are the magic moments.

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