The Wanderer

“Embracing the archetype of the Wanderer, whether through an external journey or internal one, is what many people find themselves doing at key moments of transition. But wandering is not something that’s been traditionally associated with or available to women – perhaps because of the danger it entailed, or because their responsibilities wouldn’t allow for it.

In our cultural mythology, women who wander are perceived as threats, damaged goods, unsavory citizens, and far too often, victims of violence. These images distance us from setting off on our own, and bind us firmly to hearth and home, despite whatever desires burn in our hearts. But there are women who venture out despite the warnings. The woman willing to embrace the Wanderer archetype can shed confining roles and reinvent herself in new and remarkable ways.”

Author: Kristen Roderick

Painting The Red Veil, by me

Red Veil

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