Solstice Trees and Seas

This winter solstice feels calm, gentle and quite soothing.  I walked out along the cliff path and decided that, in spite of a few party invitations, I would listen to my body/mind and seasonal rhythms and stay at home tonight.  I need quiet, time for reflection and introspection, and think about the forthcoming year and embrace the longest night.

I am painting an illustration for a Canadian author depicting woodland at night with an owl in a tree.  At the moment at night time, I hear lots of owls.  They seem quite vociferous.  Mid-winter is the perfect time to be painting owls and night trees with a full moon.

I noticed in my walk there was a deflated pink party balloon caught on the cliff’s edge, which was the perfect visual metaphor for my decision not to go partying tonight, (pictured below.)  It’s interesting, when you pay attention, and slow down to the natural pulse of nature, how the universe reflects your thoughts back to you.


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3 Responses to Solstice Trees and Seas

  1. what is that liittle spot of red in the first photo..?

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