Attachment and Love

Saw this today on ‘Sacred Dreams’ page and had to share:
“Drop the idea that attachment and love is one thing. They are enemies. It is attachment that destroys all love. If you feed, if you nourish attachment, love will be destroyed; if you feed and nourish love, attachment will fall away by itself. They are not one; they are two separate entities, and antagonistic to each other.” ~ Osho
I’ve often said that the key to happiness in this life is the ability to love, the ability to let love, and the ability to let love go.
Healthy detachment is similar to letting love go. It doesn’t mean we let go of Love itself (just like detachment doesn’t mean we abandon attachment itself) – not at all. It means we are letting go of the ego aspect of love (or the ego aspect of attachment).
We are letting go of the codependence, and the need to cling to an agenda. It’s not like we let go of love and then forget about it. Not at all, it’s more like we are saying goodbye to permanence and embracing impermanence.
Like proud parents who are sad that their child has left home, but who are open to the possibility of their return and embrace the inevitability that they will change. In practicing detachment, love itself is never abandoned, nor is it forgotten. It is, in all ways appreciated and treasured for the learning experience that it provided.
Only the needy, codependent, ego side of love – that’s filled with unhealthy expectations and cultural predispositions about the way love should be – is abandoned; so that we can be truly present to the “continual flux” of our emotional states in relation with the similarly changing emotional states of others.
Like David McRaney said, “You can’t improve the things you love if you never allow them to be imperfect.”
Like Walter Benjamin said, “The only way of loving a person is to love them without hope.” Try not to confuse attachment with love like finite lovers do. Attachment is about fear and dependency.
Love is about courage and vulnerability. Attachment is about codependence and ego-verification. Love is about interdependence and soul-authentication.
The secret of love is vulnerability, and the secret of vulnerability is courage. Love is not supposed to be something owned and clung to, or even hoped for, but something lived through and then let go of.~

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2 Responses to Attachment and Love

  1. Martin says:

    My experience is that love and attachment are mingled and not opposites. But acceptance is the key.

  2. Martin says:

    Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking text.

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