The Sea

The Sea.

This sea, the known and unknown.
As mysterious and changing as woman,
Affected and described by tides and moons.
Living at land’s edge, daily above the sea I walk,
On cliff top path,
Aware of land and water juxtaposed.
Unyielding earth and fluid, expansive, mercurial saltsea.

As unfathomable as space.
Remembering childhood sea journeying,
Entering my night dreams,
Influencing daytime reverie.
Imagining more voyages.

Colours and forms vary. Aqua blue, sun-sparkled,
Darkest of dark green.
Paynes Grey and black oceanic depths.
Mill pond stillness, then powerful swell and surge.
Liquid vicissitude.

In my thoughts I dive into the vast cerulean
And swim through waves,
Into the mystic,
To discovery.
The symbol of mermaid arising as free woman,
Beholden to no one, and belonging to no land.

Poem Alice Mason
Painting Alice Mason

Copyright Alice Mason.  All rights reserved.  2015


About alicemason1

I am an artist, illustrator and mother and live by the sea in the south east of England. I paint every day and am inspired by nature, mysticism and consciousness.. I hold art retreats in southern Spain. These retreats are for lovers of nature, art, walking, mountains, creativity, dance, music, yoga and meditation. I work alongside other artists to bring about these retreats. My Etsy shop:
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