Ordering prints

If you see any images you like, please contact me at alicemason367@hotmail.com, or just leave me a message here.
Let me know the image and which size you would like. I print any size prints, small or large, mounted on backing board, ready to frame.
I will then let you know the price and if agreed I list them in my Etsy.com shop once we agree on price and shipping. I don’t keep prints permanently on Etsy as they charge for the duration they are listed. To keep my costs down, I prefer to do it this way. Etsy has a secure payment link and I have great feedback.
I also do cards with envelopes and cellophane wrapped. These can also be listed on Etsy.

About alicemason1

I am an artist, illustrator and mother and live by the sea in the south east of England. I paint every day and am inspired by nature, mysticism and consciousness.. I hold art retreats in southern Spain. These retreats are for lovers of nature, art, walking, mountains, creativity, dance, music, yoga and meditation. I work alongside other artists to bring about these retreats. All works on this blog are my copyright. Do not use for your own purposes. If you would like to buy rights to use an image, please contact me on alicejulietmason@gmail.com or visit my Etsy shop. www.alice-mason.net www.art-retreat-spain.com My Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AliceMasonArtist
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