Green Dream and Green Tree

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About alicemason1

I am an artist, illustrator and mother and live by the sea in the south east of England. I paint every day and am inspired by nature, mysticism and consciousness.. I hold art retreats in southern Spain. These retreats are for lovers of nature, art, walking, mountains, creativity, dance, music, yoga and meditation. I work alongside other artists to bring about these retreats. My Etsy shop:
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2 Responses to Green Dream and Green Tree

  1. Jenni says:

    Hi Alice, I must leave a note to say how beautiful your paintings are, I love specially the Green tree and the Green Dream. I havent been browsing long enough on your site to see if your paintings are for sale as well or if there is a way to purchase them overseas…

    • alicemason1 says:

      Hi Jenni,
      Yes there is a possibility to purchase my work from overseas and I have sold many times to overseas. Let me know if there is a specific painting you would like to purchase and I will let you know all details, price etc. When somebody comes via my blog, I ask them which painting interests them and I list the appropriate piece on, with a secure pay system, so you can pay via paypal. Paypal is necessary as it is how I sell to people abroad.

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