Painting our Archetypes workshop in Orgiva, Spain.

One thing I have is a certain determination, and when I was approached by a lovely woman who lives in Almeria earlier in the year about my art retreats, and whether I would be holding one after the lockdown,  I envisaged that somehow I would make it happen.  And happen it did. I didn’t push it, but it just worked out beautifully that two more local women heard about it and wanted to join us, and combined with a  5 km walk along an acequia to friend and writer Chris Stewart and his wife Ana’s beautiful farm and a delicious lunch prepared by Chris and a tour of the farm by Ana, we had a wonderful creative explorative week.  We painted every day, and barely stopped for lunch and I was so happy that people got so much out of it. It is a truth that painting heals, and there has been so much to process and assimilate this year, we all needed it like food.  Exploring Jungian Archetypes through my self-devised method and process was deeply revealing.

Outside my window, every night sometimes until two am, the old ladies sit and crochet and talk together in the street. It’s as though they are weaving and talking the world to rights. What a beautiful way to live. Inside we painted and talked and it was similar. The conversation flowed with the paint as we painted our worlds into healing and cohesion.

In spite of it being mid September,  the weather has been exceptionally hot sometimes and I have struggled with the heat in Spain this year. Mask- wearing is obligatory in public spaces and I have adapted to that okay. The church bell in Orgiva is a constant clang as bells here are made from iron, not bronze. We made a special pilgrimage to the Salto de Paula waterfall and the Era del Trance in Ferreirola and the wonderful gazeosa spring waters.

Lorraine  Maxine and Sheree, my lovely students.
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Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi epitomises the principle “Accept all. Reject none.” Simply put, it is the living soul of the world in all its multidimensional layers, bonded together by loving cosmic forces. Diversity is celebrated, multiplicity is honoured, and nothing is denied embrace. Constructs of separation dissipate into the wonderful mess of shared consciousness. Anima Mundi is the link between the literal and the imaginal, the rational and the mythic. It is the connective fibre that makes life meaningful. This card indicates an initiation on the level of the soul. You will awaken the unique light within and witness how this light contributes to the radiance of the entire universe. You will sense yourself as a critical note in the cosmic orchestra. Destiny is altered as you hear the enchanted melody of all living things.

Anima Mundi
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Painting our Archetypes, day five.

Using my techniques including layering, glazes, stippling, controlled drips, pattern, stencilling, dry brush- work, working with light and shade, creating veil effects and mandalas, we continued to explore Jungian archetypes through painting, gold leaf and collage..

My piece, as yet un-named.
Maxine’s piece in progress
Lorraine’s piece in progress
Sheree’s piece
Maxine’s piece in progress
Calle Darro
Salto de Paula waterfall

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Photos of today’s workshop on Painting our Archetypes in Orgiva, Spain.

Using Jungian archetypes as a theme, we continue to explore through meditation, prose, painting and collage. Some photos of today’s workshop.

My paintings. Through the Veils.
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Art workshop

Our first day painting together today. What a joy to paint together in community. Painting Jungian archetypes through meditation, visualisation and divination.

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Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.

Walt Whitman.
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Oceanic mermaid drum

An oceanic mermaid drum, depicting the four elements, just completed for lovely client and friend Gabriela Aluna who will be using it for sound healing and performance with her beautiful singing and drumming.

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Metaphysical Teapot

I find it comforting to listen to the wonderful mystic psychonaut Terrence Mckenna while painting and imagine him drinking tea with me and discussing the world and its madness. In one of his podcasts he says, you must live your life as if the apocalypse has already happened.

Tea with Terrence Mckenna
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Paintings in my studio

Studio video
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A cafe
First since March
Coffee too strong
Unused to barista strength,
These days
Wind howling
Summer seems gone
Friend arrives late
And masked

Avoiding the eye
Of the loudest man in the room
He corners me
I make my excuses
Escape to female conversation
Stilted and awkward
We disagree
On most things
I gently attune to the differences

I escape to Jo’s shop
We chat and spill forth
Our agreements on most things
True friends
I tell her about dancing on the pier
With Theresa
Wine bottle in hand
Glugging like winos
The sea beneath us
Last of the summer sun

I walk to Sarah’s
Wind howling
Scarf wrapped around my hair
like a hijab
She regales me with QAnon conspiracy
I disagree with her
Without saying a word
Wind is howling through the cracks
Of her seafront flat
Slate grey rough seas

I make my excuses and run
To the sanity
And stoicism
Of my companion
Relieved and grateful for his civility
We agree on most things
And talk about daily details

Roses and Gold painting in my etsy shop
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